Comprehensive Plan of measures of Lloret de Mar for the summer of 2021

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The Comprehensive Plan

In 2020 Lloret de Mar was the first destination in Spain to develop a comprehensive plan of measures to prepare the destination for the summer. The plan, which was to be carried out in different stages, focused on fully preparing the destination to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, coordinating every sector and harnessing the synergies established between the various areas (public highways, security, beaches, hotels, apartments, dwellings for tourist use, campsites, travel agencies, bars and restaurants, shops, and sports, leisure and nightlife venues). 

In 2021 we will continue with this plan, adapting to the updating of all current measures.  



Lloret de Mar was the first destination in Spain to draw up a comprehensive plan to implement all the necessary preventive measures.

All the measures of the plan have followed the criteria established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in relation to public roads, safety, beaches, hotels, apartments, tourist accommodation, campsites, restaurants, shops, sports, day and nightlife.

The goal

The main goal was to ensure that the destination was fully prepared and had the capacity to offer its visitors a safe stay.


The axis of the first plan that will be carried out in 2020 has been has been the training of more than 8,000 workers. The success of the other measures that will be implemented depended on workers knowing exactly how to apply all the protocols. In 2021 we continue with this training plan focused on the prior preparation of companies and all workers, with the adaptation of measures for a safe opening. Aimed at all tourist establishments, shops and day and nightlife venues with the slogan: the new hygiene.


Beaches and public roads.

Who has taken part in the Comprehensive Plan?

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